Introduction to Remixing

Remixing Series: Part 1

What exactly is a remix?

Almost all modern recorded music is made in a process where the different parts of the song or tune are combined together in a certain way, and the finished track is thereby referred to as a ‘mix’. A remix is an alternative version, built using elements of the original and, more often than not, with new sounds added by the remixer.

Some remixes can be as simple as an extended version, for the benefit of a DJ who might want a longer version of a song so he can get to the club toilet and back in time. But ordinarily, a remix refers to an alternative take on a tune, usually (but not always) made by another producer. Elements of the track are recombined and something new is made out of them. The remix can range from a subtly different take on the original, perhaps with slightly different beats and bass line, to a track so radically different it’s barely recognisable at all.

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Stand out from the Crowd

Great remixes tend to retain key elements of the original, but have the remixer’s signature sound running through them. Everyone has their own particular style, even those who are just starting to experiment with music. The more you experiment, the more refined your own unique style will become.

Anyone can produce a remix. You don’t need to be cocooned within a forest of nobs, buttons and flashing lights. These days all that is really required is a computer of some kind, the right software and a little know-how…

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Where to start?

Obviously, it would be useful if you had some sounds to play with. Happily, there are companies out there whose whole purpose in life is to provide producers and remixers with a selection of high quality samples and loops. Services such as Loopmasters are a great resource for all things sample-related, and cater for practically any style you can imagine. Most modern DAWs also contain vast sample libraries of their own. However, the learning curve of these apps can be quite steep for those just starting out in the remix business.

Novation’s Launchpad for iOS is both a great app for the beginner, and a useful tool in it’s own right for the seasoned producer. This week, we’re often giving away free remix packs. Go to our store inside Launchpad for iOS, and filter for Free soundpacks, and start remixing today.

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